Aesthetic Design and Visualization

Aesthetics plays a key role in the structural design of new transportation projects.  The aesthetic concept for all structures in a project is based on the desire to create a pleasing environment for the travelling public and to contribute to the visual identity of the growing communities that the infrastructure serves.  P.E. Structural Consultants, in collaboration with other members of the design team, local agencies and communities, develops aesthetic treatments to reflect both the natural and built environment, as well as the historical significance of the project region.

PESC specializes in developing Aesthetic Design Concepts, and presenting them to owners and other stakeholders. PESC also has the expertise to refine those concepts and make them a reality through 3D photo-realistic rendering and development of construction details for the aesthetic treatment of all structural elements of the project.  We take pride in seeing our work successfully implemented on bridges, retaining walls, noisewalls, sign supports, toll facilities, and related structures.

PESC has led the Aesthetic Design effort on numerous major transportation projects:

SH130 Toll Road – Williamson and Travis Co., TX

183A Toll Road – Williamson Co., TX

US290E Manor Expressway – Austin, TX